DONGIL GLASS Co., Ltd., which has been in the glass business for the past 80 years, is now taking a leap as an energy saving specialized company.

We will contribute to society with various know-how and technology that was strengthened based on collaboration with numerous large construction companies and PL, AL companies in the past. In the existing sheet glass distribution, double-layer glass manufacturing, metal window and facility maintenance specialty construction, and green remodeling business, we will act aggressively to make sure energy savings become possible by collaborating with large manufacturers in the sheet glass panel, coated glass, and plastic chassis fields in which there are limits for self-development, and furthermore, by directly developing and manufacturing window sets and through specific consulting for aluminum chassis.

DONGIL GLASS is a leading long-lived company that was founded in 1940
and is continuing a history of more than 80 years.

Company Name
Business Registered in 1978
Credit Rating
Business Field
Manufacturing: Double-Layer Glass, Aluminum Window
Construction: Metal Structure Window Construction, Construction Work
Distribution: Sheet Glass, etc.