Construction Details

  • Construction to install the ceiling, walls, partitions, etc. of a building by using metal structures
  • Construction to install the safety, boundary, protection, soundproofing facilities, etc. on roads, bridges, tunnels, and other places by using metal structures
  • Construction to build or install various metal building structures and improvements

(Construction of ceilings, dry walls, steel walls, lightweight partitions, etc./Construction of guardrails, guard cables, signs, protective fences, fences, rockfall prevention nets, rockfall prevention fences, soundproof walls, soundproof tunnels, bridge safety inspection facilities, bus platforms, road traffic safety facilities, etc./Construction of ladders, steel frames, railings, stairs, etc.)

  • Construction to install windows, doors, etc. that are made of various metallic materials, synthetic resins, glass, etc. in buildings, etc.

(Window construction, balcony window construction, outer wall glass construction, curtain wall window construction, smoke ventilator, fire door installation construction, automatic door, revolving door installation construction, platform screen door installation construction, glass construction, etc.)

  • Greenhouse installation construction

(Greenhouse installation construction for agriculture, forestry, horticultural, etc. and auxiliary equipment construction)

Metal Structure Construction

Field construction details (example)
Construction Work Field Ceilings, dry walls, steel walls, fan coil unit covers, curtain boxes, railings, shutters (light and heavy), stairs, metal trusses (for masonry, etc.), space frames, deck plates, expansion joints, etc.
Road Facility Construction Field Soundproof walls, guardrails, guard cables, median strips, safety fences, anti-dazzle nets, rockfall prevention nets, rockfall prevention fences, road and traffic safety signs, chevron alignment signs, road studs, line traffic poles, bridge railings, bridge deck expansion joint devices, bridge safety inspection passages, bus platforms, etc.
Industrial Facility Construction Field Tanks, floodgates, chimneys, plant facilities, water tanks, etc.
Other Facility Construction Fields Construction to build or install other hardware like outdoor advertising towers, membrane structures, cable trays, fences, etc. or structures with metals

Window Construction

Field construction details (example)
AluminumWindow frames, window ledges, soundproof doors, fire doors, automatic doors, revolving doors, aluminum shutters, curtain walls, smoke ventilators
Stainless SteelWindow frames, window ledges, automatic doors, revolving doors, steel shutters, soundproof doors, fire doors, curtain walls, smoke ventilators
PVCWindow frames, window ledges, door frames, doors
GlassSheet glass, various processed glass
HardwareDoorknobs, window handles, hinges, rollers, joints, door locks
System Windows (High Functional Window)- Aluminum and wood laminated windows, steel and wood laminated windows
- Aluminum and PVC laminated windows, steel and PVC laminated windows
- PVC and wood laminated windows, other composite material laminated windows
Double Skin WindowsOuter Wall Windows

Greenhouse installation construction

Field construction details (example)
Greenhouse installation Greenhouse installation construction for agriculture, forestry, horticultural, etc. and auxiliary equipment construction