Processed Glass

Processed Glass

Double-Layer GlassKSL2003

Double-layer glass is a glass that is made to have a dry air layer by using at least two panes of sheet glass and a spacer. It reduces the heat energy that escapes the window and has insulating and condensation preventing effects.

Main Characteristics

  • Insulating property is excellent, it can reduce the condensation point on the glass surface due to the temperature difference between the interior and the exterior, it reduces the cold feeling around the window since the insulating property is high, and it reduces the temperature difference between the upper and lower parts of the interior.

Major Uses

  • Houses, general buildings, schools
  • Frozen showcases
  • Factories and laboratories that require constant temperature and humidity
  • Windows for high-end railroad cars

Manufacturing Method

It is manufactured by using a spacer to keep the gap between two panes of glass constant, with a layer of dry air between the glasses, and by hermetically sealing and bonding the glass edge part with an organic material.

Cross Section

Production Specification

Item Thickness (mm) Thickness Composition Maximum Size (mm)
Double-Layer Glass 12 3 + 6A + 3 1,219 x1,829
16 5 + 6A + 5 2,438 x 3,368
18 6 + 6A + 6 2,438 x 3,368
22 5 + 12A + 6 2,438 x 3,368
24 6 + 12A + 6 2,438 x 3,368
28 8 + 12A + 8 2,438 x 3,368