Social Contribution

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DONGIL Scholarship Foundation, a stepping-stone directed toward dreams and the future

The DONGIL Scholarship Foundation was established to help the learning conditions of outstanding students, provide an environment in which they can achieve steady development by stimulating their academic achievement motivation, and to give them hope. The DONGIL Scholarship Foundation was named after “DONGIL” of DONGIL GLASS, a company based in the Chungbuk and Cheongju area that was developed over a long period by the Foundation Chairman Kim Young-Jin. This foundation was established in October, 2019.

Social Contribution Activities

  • Carries out donation activities every year to causes like the Chungbuk Human Resource Development Foundation, Community Chest of Korea, etc.
  • In 2019, Kim Young-Jin, the 2nd CEO of our company, established the DONGIL Scholarship Foundation. The Foundation provides scholarships to 20 middle and high school students in the region every year to prevent them from giving up their studies due to financial reasons