Sheet Glass

Sheet Glass

Float GlassKSL2012

Clear and pure view of nature as it is without distortion!
Since it is manufactured with the latest Float Glass Process in which liquid glass is floated over molten tin to create glass, smoothness is exceptional and transmittance is excellent since there are no impurities.

Main Characteristics

  • Surface gloss is excellent.
  • There is no distortion of images since the thickness is constant and there is no surface curvature.
  • There are many choices due to the production of large, thick glass.
  • Since quality is excellent, it is used as a panel for various processed glasses.

Major Uses

  • Interior and exterior materials for houses, general buildings, high-rise buildings, stores, etc.
  • Glass partitions, glass greenhouses, shower booths
  • Show windows and display cases in stores
  • Panels for various processed glasses
  • Panels for transparent soundproof walls
  • Windows for cars, vehicles, ships

Glass partitions, glass greenhouses, shower booths

This is a method of forming a plate shape using the surface tension and buoyancy of the molten glass and molten tin by floating the molten glass from a furnace into a molten tin bath called the Tin Bath. Since it is possible to obtain superior optical properties that display transillumination and reflectivity without distortion, because surface smoothness is outstanding compared to existing drawn sheet glass or polished glass, it is the best manufacturing method among the current commercial sheet glass manufacturing methods.

Production Specification

Item Thickness (mm) Maximum Size (mm)
Sheet Glass 2 914 x 1,524
3 2,134 x 3,048
4 2,134 x 3,048
5 3,048 x 3,658
6 3,048 x 3,658
8 3,048 x 4,572
10 3,048 x 6,096
12 3,048 x 6,096
15 3,048 x 6,096